Sunday, 14 June 2009

Get Wendover Cycling 2009

Get Wendover Cycling are a local group of people who think that cycling can help the environment around us (reducing traffic, parking problems, pollution), our own health (add two years to your life!) and above all else is fun! Cycle Tech is giving free bike checks to everyone who joins in on the family bike ride
Sunday afternoon 14th June.
Get your bike checked and join a family cycle ride.
Get Wendover Cycling have been offered the services of Cycle Tech's mobile workshop. At 13.30 their mobile cycle workshop will be on the Manor Waste offering free cycle checks. Any parts or accessories needed will be charged for and supplied from the van. So why not take advantage of this generous offer by Cycle Tech's Martin Wilkins. And then join us for our cycle ride.
Leaving at 2.30 from Manor Waste, Get Wendover Cycling's Bike Weekfamily cycle ride will potter leisurely round to Halton Parish church for tea and cakes. 

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