Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Bicycle Shaped Objects

Well we need to look into what makes a bicycle. Its not a simple toy, it is a complex means of transportation and a complex piece of engineering. The bicycle has evolved for over 125 years. There are over 1000 individual parts in a basic geared bicycle. To cut a long story short. It needs to be built well to run well. It needs correct assembly and needs a skilled & experienced bicycle mechanic with great product knowledge to maintain all the different types of bicycles, old and new. 

Bicycle Shaped Objects. See article Why you should not buy one!

BSO With forks fitted wrong way round

Watchdog's John Humphrys puts flat pack bikes under the spotlight. 

And view blog from Mark Brown. Director of the Association of Cycle Traders With his account of buying a BSO. 

Types of BSO'S to AVOID: Bikes fitted with: Dual Suspension, Twist shift gears, cable disc brakes, plastic brake levers and bikes that are very heavy.
Makes of BSO'S to AVOID: Dunlop, Univesal, Silver Fox, Apollo and bikes from Tesco, Asda and Argos.     

The above is just not enjoyable to ride. Call Cycle Tech for advise. 

You may find if you punches a BSO, that bike shops and mobile bike mechanics are reluctant to do any repairs on these type of bikes.   

Common problems:

Brake pad alignment to wheel rim. Pad rubbing on tyre

Incorrect fitment of brakes

Valve alignment

Broken freewheel

Broken headset lock nut and handle bar stem set above the maximum. 

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  1. HI
    I just bought a bike on-line it showed up and I put it together but its not running as smooth as it should the caliper is rubbing against the disc brakes and the brakes are very slack., I don't know much about bikes so I can't sort out the problem. How much would you charge to have a look and adjust and tweak the bike to get it up and running.

    thank you