Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Electric Bicycle - Python Metro

The Python Metro is a superb quality bike with a very powerful battery and motor. The bike has clearly been designed well (in Birmingham)with strong double skinned wheels and extra heavy gauge spokes, lightweight aluminium frame with rear disc brakes. The battery is a 36 volt Lithium polymer unit which can easily be removed via an ignition key for charging. The range is excellent with 25 miles easily achievable on one charge. This bike uses a motorcycle style throttle control so you can choose exactly how much you assist with the pedalling! 

Motor power - 15mph max speed.
Motor + pedal - Any speed
Low step over aluminium frame.
Twist grip throttle.
250W high torque brushless motor.
Front Suspension Fork.
Shimano 6 speed derailleur.
Front V Brake.
Rear Disc Brake.
26 inch wheels.
Handlebar height : 105cm - 115cm.
Saddle height : 83cm - 89cm.
Weight : 25kgs.
For all age above 14 yrs old.
Lithium Polymer Battery 36V 8AH (288 Watt hours) .
Full battery recharge in 4 - 6 hours.
Travel 25 miles with a fully charged battery (on flat surface).
Rechargeable battery up to 500 cycles.
Battery weight only 3.7kgs.
Battery charger.
Front and Rear deluxe Lights.
Rear Rack.
Double kickstand.


Easy remove battery

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