Monday, 18 January 2010

Tyres and Protection

Which is the best puncture protection ?
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Dr Sludge: This is generally put in before you have a puncture and sits in the inner tube and is forgotten. It works without you even being aware that it is working.  The disadvantage is that quite a number of 'Presta' valves do not have removable cores and therefore cannot be used. In this case you need to buy a ready filled Dr Sludge inner tube which are also available. The disadvantage is that they do add a small amount of weight which might effect some racing bikes.

Slime can be messy! When removing a valve!

Protection Tapes: These give good protection but the tyres must be kept fully inflated. Otherwise they will slip and can cause you punctures. Again the racing fraternity might notice the weight.

Damaged rim tape. This rim tape was removed! 

Marks on the tube are from rubbing from the rim tape. New tube fitted!

The new Marathon Plus has the current state of the art SmartGuard®

The safest puncture protection belt on the market. Other puncture protection systems like Double-Defense® or Kevlar®-MB-Belts provide a very high degree of puncture protection. The disadvantage of the SmartGuard® is its effectiveness against objects that become embedded in the tread, that are rolled over at each turn of the wheel and will eventually perforate virtually any rotection belt. When this happens, the thickness of the SmartGuard® proves its advantage as a drawing pin will simply remain stuck in the rubber without further harming the tire.

Tyre Technical Information PDF

It is very important to keep your tyres inflated to the correct pressure and checked at least once a month. This photo shows tyre fitted with correct valve alignment and inflate to pressure marking aligned near the valve for easy to find.

Wide range of pumps

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