Saturday, 5 May 2012

khamsin wheels replacing bearings & freehub body

I don't ride on these wheels myself, but I do service them frequently. From a mechanics point of view, they are a pleasure to work on and are well built. 

When up grading wheels on your bike, the best way to gauge what to spend, is 30% of the total value of your bike. Most new bikes you buy are fitted with wheels to the value of 10% and are not up to the job, and would soon need to be upgraded!

Below are photos of overhauling Campagnolo Khamsin wheels, from the mobile pro workshop:

New parts: Mini spoke kit, Freehub body and sealed bearings.

Bearings removed from front hub, cleaned and ready for fitting new bearings.

  Pressing-in new bearings to rear wheel, using my homemade press.

 Pressing-in new bearing to front wheel.

New bearing fitted to front wheel.

Fitting new freehub body.

New freehub body fitted.

Replacing damaged spoke.

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