Monday, 20 June 2011

GoPro Hero Cameras uk

GoPro® HD HERO® Cameras & Accessories to be Distributed throughout & UK & Ireland by Madison
GoPro’s HD HERO cameras are renowned for enabling consumers, professional athletes and video producers to capture stunning, professional quality HD video and high-resolution photos during their favorite sports and activities. GoPro’s cameras and accessories are designed to be body worn or mounted on vehicles and gear, allowing for video and photo capture from never before seen perspectives. They can be mounted on the front of a surfboard looking back at the surfer, on the chest of a skier, capturing the view of their knees, skis, arms, and terrain ahead. As the best selling camera for capturing video while cycling and mountain biking.

GoPro’s products are not only the best selling wearable and gear mountable cameras in consumer markets but are also used in more professional productions than any other camera in its class. Over 70 different shows like the BBC’s Top Gear use the HERO to capture creative angles made possible by GoPro.
GoPro fitted to seat post

Hillingdon CC with GoPro

Convert your GoPro MP4 format to AVI files using the excellent Free MPEG Streamclip, download at And then you can add it to Windows Movie Maker and upload to youtube >>>
Will Houghton 'Team Cycle Tech' Practice ride in the wet at Hillingdon CC with GoPro.

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