Tuesday, 5 July 2011


THE POLWIN PEDAL (August 5th & 6th 2011) - in memory of Derek - will be an attempt by two oldish guys who should know better, getting on their low-spec bikes at Worthing railway station and, from a nearby street where Derek was born, cycle to Lane End where he lived with his wife Betty for the last 27 years. Whilst a most important reason to be as silly as this, is to remember Derek and that infectious chuckle at such antics - we would like to raise a few bob for the British Legion Poppy Appeal along the way. 

Pre bike check from Cycle Tech to Dave's bike

Keith, Dave and Martin 'Cycle Tech' at Great Missenden

THE POLWIN PEDAL will see Dave and Keith cycling from Worthing in Sussex to Lane End in Buckinghamshire on 5th and 6th of August in memory of Derek Polwin and to raise some money for the British Legion Poppy Appeal. The plan is to get to Worthing in order to make good progress through Friday and arrive at Lane End Church for 3pm. on Saturday August 6th

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  1. Hi Martin, -

    Well we made it - just needed a bit of lubrication (as did the bikes)
    The Polwin Pedal came safely home but the initial pedal across London in the pouring rain was a bit scary and we had a very wet Worthing to start us off - but all went well. It was a very mixed route as the quality, availability and location of cycle paths was so varied - some appeared to have sunk into swamps and others so narrow and overgrown you needed a unicycle and a pair of secateurs to get through, while others were non-existent. So the eventual charted route - on and off cycle paths - was 101 miles and the money raised is currently climbing to over £800 as there are some cheques to sort, odd cash sums to bank, and pledges to redeem.

    Assorted Polwin Pedal photographs are currently being collated and will be posted on http://www.thepolwinpedal.co.uk/

    - I'll send you an update regarding the money raised and posted photos.

    Thanks Martin for the support and we want to 'up' the publicity for yourself with a wider audience with a new venture - Is that okay with you?.

    I want to plan a more local event so it gets better media coverage for yourself and the cause - probably going for the Ian Rennie Hospice - we'll call by to see you

    Best wishes and thanks for getting us going
    David & Keith