Friday, 8 July 2011

Testing Will's Aerobic Threshold

Testing Aerobic Threshold

As part of Will’s developing training programme he has been tested for his aerobic or functional threshold – the point just before the body starts to generate lactic acid and slow down.  Having identified the heart rate that indicates Will’s functional threshold, his coach Scott Holmes (Hillingdon CC) has calculated four different zones to allow him to train to develop a combination of power and stamina.

The testing session lasted 1.5 hours on a watt bike that measures heart rate, cadence and power output of the rider.  You can see 40 seconds of the test in the video.

Will is also competing in regular evening time trials, with his best performance to date being 26 minutes 48 seconds for a 10 mile ride.  He now has his sights set on 24 minutes for 10 miles.

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