Friday, 30 March 2012

Bicycle School In Home Mechanics

The reason Jackie from Watford took the beginners course, was mainly she is competing in an ironman race next month and she needed the confidence to repair her bike in case she got any problems, plus how to box it up to travel with it. She was recommended this course from a friend of hers (who is a triathlete too)
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Fitting tyre

Removing cassette

Refitting cassette 

Fitting rear wheel in bike stand

Removing rear wheel

Refitting rear wheel Bike upside down 
What else we covered in this course:

1.      How to box up and put back together my bike, tips on how to get it back to the exact measurements as before
2.      How to mend puncture if puncture occurs in a race
3.      How to mend a chain and take it off
4.      How to clean a bike and specifically take off sticker marks! And tips
5.      Tips on marinating the bike – what oil to use etc

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