Wednesday, 16 May 2012

29er Front Wheel Build

I am building wheels as part of my 29er Genesis Fortitude Adventure bike build. 

I first learnt to build wheels at the age of 15 and still use the same wheel jig, for all my wheel builds and truing. Wheel building is an skill and it's a job I still enjoy doing today. 

The front wheel has a Mavic 'TN317' 32 hole disc rim, black anodized, Shimano SLX M629 29er front hub for Center-Lock disc, 32 hole and DT Swiss revolution double butted spokes 292 mm & 294 mm long with 12mm brass nipples. This is a normal 3 cross pattern wheel build. 

Placing first spoke in to hub

  First group of 8 spokes going in to place

2nd group of spokes going in to the hub.
Lacing is best done sitting down and holding the rim on edge in your lap.

Lacing 3rd group of spokes

Drop of oil on spoke threads

After adjust all of the nipples so that each is screwed equally far onto its spoke it's time for truing. Using the wheel jig that I first used to build wheels over 18 years ago.

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