Saturday, 5 May 2012

Andy Morrison Memorial Road Race

Will’s race started in Cranfield Uni Sports hall, very few Cat 3`s and most Cat 2`s so Will knew it was going to be a quick race.
The course was a 2 mile triangle, with the first mile being a long drag downhill, and the rest of the course going up a long drag with a slight flat section before the finish.
Will found it very difficult to stay in the bunch on the downhill with junior gears and he had to push very hard to stay in the group. Will spent the entire race struggling to stay in the bunch on the downhill and pushing himself back up the bunch on the hill.
Will completed 16 of the 18 laps before completely blowing up and having to stop as he was going very dizzy and struggling to change gear, not knowing why his brain would not work. Will was glad to have stayed in the bunch most of the way and again improving each race. 

We decided the night before the race, that Will's Cinelli is now just over 1 year old, so was time to upgrade with new 105 5700 shifters and new gear mechs:

Fitting gear cable

Tune up new gears

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