Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Yeldall Manor

Is a residential facility for men with drug/alcohol problems, Yeldall Manor is set in beautiful surroundings of Berkshire, a short distance from Reading.
I was fortunate enough to assist Martin from Cycle Tech High Wycombe when he visited Yeldall Manor recently. 
As a new volunteer at Yeldall helping with day to day maintenance requirements, when I was shown the number of bicycles available for residents, I realised that some professional help would be greatly appreciated.
I have known Martin the Founder of Cycle Tech for many years and simply twisted his arm to lend a hand. This was not hard as he is as sound as they come, and appreciated the work being done at Yeldall Manor.

The day started with bicycles from the store, quickly going though Cycle Tech's inspection. I found myself roped in to help, checking cables and a quick lesson in brake adjustments. I get a break only to take pictures and video getting no let up till a well earned lunch.

Mr Colin Holmes the Facilities Manager relayed the facilities of The Manor to Martin.
He describes the facilities available for residents who can come via a range of referral routes with a wide range of personal needs. The Yeldall Manor Program is then tailored to the individual’s requirements, with highly trained staff and personal counsellor.

The Manor was once a convent, and a private home undergoing many changes through the years, much of the building being Victorian it requires a lot of upkeep to look its best.  A peaceful place with peacocks roaming free in the extensive grounds, an ideal location for rehabilitation.

What about this for a drive?
This is your first impression as you turn off the main road on to the private drive, you can then wonder who has gone before you over all these years. 

Martin has mentioned that this initial visit has really got him thinking as he wants his business to have this type of ethos. He has suggested that one possibility could be a bike ride with some of the residents around the Yeldall Manor estate, and local area.

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