Saturday, 1 December 2012

DT Swiss 240s Hub Service Repair

DT Swiss hub overhaul - Special tools and know-how required. The freehub can be removed easily cleaned, inspected and a touch of grease done regularly will help to keep the rest of the hub internals last longer. 

These freehubs are known as tool-less 'making it easily serviceable without tools!'
The freehub body can be pulled off (with or without removing the cassette) first removing the adapter; this has a rubber seal inside and slides on/off the axle holding the freehub body in place. 
The freehub body can then be pulled off,  the inside can be cleaned using a tooth sized brush. Inspecting both star ratchets and ring-nut for damage, replacing parts were necessary and lightly regress parts using only DT Swiss recommended special grease,  this make's it run smother and last longer.

Removing adapter Drive side 

You may find the adapter is not always easy to pull off and I have found dropping the wheel in to an axle vice by gripping the adapter and pull the wheel using both hands upwards, will pull the adapter off without any damage.

Freehub removed 

Parts removed from hub, ready for cleaning and inspecting for wear. 
Parts could be from a Swiss watch!

All hubs, bottom brackets and headsets need cleaning, regressing and servicing regularly, especially if you are riding in extreme conditions and If you have hubs that cost over £200.00 it makes sense that you need to service your hub after every ride that consist of riding knee high in mud and water, and not just punting your bike in the shed after every ride and hope it's going to run as smooth as when it was new next time you take it out for a ride! And if you think washing your bike with a power hose is going to do the job and save time, you are making a big mistake costly mistake. Unless you are a team rider who has a mechanic do this for you after every ride, you are going to have to learn to do it your self or pay a mechanic. 

If you are unsure how to service your hub, please contact your nearest Cycle Tech UK mechanic, who would be happy to carryout this work for you. If you like to learn how to service your own freehub then please view our Home Bicycle Mechanics School where you can book a course and learn to do it yourself.  

Dismantling and overhauling DT Swiss 240s hubs
To replace worn bearings, then special tools and know-how is required. 

To remove the bearing on the drive-side, first remove the ring-nut using special tool held in vice

Shown with Ring-nut removed

Drive side bearing fitted to axle and held with special tool in vice to avoid damage or injury  

New seal and fitting tool

Seal taped in to place

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