Saturday, 13 April 2013

Westerly CC Spring Criterium

Chasing down a lone rider

It was 45 minutes plus 5 laps at the end, around Hillingdon circuit with category 3/4 riders, so i was hoping for a decent result. They where running the race anti-clockwise around the track which means a few sharp turns and slight downhill sections before the finish that are not at all useful for sprinting on junior gears. I started the race off by instantly setting a fast pace for the first lap in the hope of causing splits and breaks in the bunch, no such thing occurred. the race went pretty quickly with me just trying to get away numerous 
times but being brought back each time. in the run-up to the sprint i was too far back in the group maybe 30th position and struggled to move up the group in the last two corners and then ran out of gears in the final run-in. A very frustrating race as I know I was one of the fittest and strongest riders there but due to a large group and awful bunch positioning I again struggled to get a decent result. 

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