Wednesday, 18 September 2013

26er Still Living | On- One inbred 26er Bike Build

This iconic steel frame is still a smooth riding beauty and with the upgraded parts, make this bike build ideal for its owner!
After spending time chatting with "Dave" going over whether to buy a 29er or 26er! And a lot of researching with test-riding a 29er. As Dave is only 5ft 2  we decided to go for the On-One 26er and build the bike with Shimano parts for a better ride, braking and a smoother gear change.

On-one bike build
On-One inbred frame

Fitting Hollow Tech 2 Bottom Bracket
The owner also got involved with the bike build as part of our Park Tool School

Rock Shox's

Complete bike and a very happy owner.  

Video - Frame Swop 

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