Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Bicycle Repair Job Of The Day - Ciocc Road Bike Service & Fulcrum 7's Hub Rebuild

Full service and overhaul to a Ciocc road bike.

Re-taping bars

Removing bearing from Fulcrum freehub body

Removing circlip 

Removing freehub body from hub

Re fitting wheel, with new chain and cassette for Campagnolo

Setting up to press in new front wheel bearing

Tightening hub nut

Parts from freehub body

New bearing pressed in to free hub body

New front wheel bearing fitted

Indexing Gears

Martin Founder and Pro mechanic Cycle Tech UK Ltd


  1. Hello,

    I have just come across your guide to replacing the bearings in the rear free body hub of Fulcrum wheels. Can I be real cheeky and ask what size of circlip pliers you used to remove the internal circlip?

    Your photo guide is excellent by the way, I can't find anything else on the web that shows what you have.


  2. Hi Paul

    Thank you for your message

    The pliers are made by Knipex size 12 - 23mm internal

  3. Is it necessary to replace the circlip , it looks like it's not needed to me ?

  4. How do you get the bearings out of the rear hub?