Friday, 7 February 2014

January - The start of the 2014 season.

Imperial Winter Series 4th January

This race was run on Hillingdon Cycle Circuit, by Imperial Race Team. The 3rd category riders where to race with the Elite/1/2 riders. The race started fast, with Will maintaining a position in the top quarter of the bunch. After 4 miles there was a crash on the uphill section of the circuit, this meant the race had to be neutralized for a couple of laps to clear the crash of the circuit.When the severity of the crash was realized the race was cancelled. This was disappointing for both riders and organizers but unavoidable, given that emergency services where needed on the circuit.

Time- 11:56
Average Speed- 20.1 mph (including neutralized laps)
Distance- 4 miles

Imperial Winter Series 11th January

After the previous week`s unfortunate cancellation, Will was primarily looking to see whether his winter training had been working. As per the previous week the 3rd category riders where to race with the E/1/2 riders. The race start was manic with the bunch averaging 28.6mph. Will felt comfortable in the bunch and stayed in the top quarter of the bunch maintaining a safe position. A breakaway of two quality riders escaped from the bunch with 15km to go and gained a good lead, meaning the win was to be contested among themselves. With 5 laps to go Will lost his prime position in the bunch and struggled to regain it with the bunch fluctuating in speed and some riders desperate to gain places. He finished a disappointing 16th place in the 3rd category race.

This is a video from the penultimate lap, hear Will`s coach Scott giving some advice at 00:43.

Average Speed- 26.3
Distance- 31.3

Imperial Winter Series 18th January 

This race was similar to the previous weeks race in terms of layout and how the race was going to be run. will again tried to stay in the bunch and focus on getting into the top ten. Will finished in 18th position in the 3rd category race and was disappointed not to place in the top ten. This was due to not being in the top twenty during the final five laps and not being able to get through bunch and getting to sprint properly.

Time - 1:14:49
Average Speed (including warm-down)- 24.9
Distance- 31.1

Imperial Winter Series 25th January

In this race Will was hoping for a top ten position in the 3rd category race. The race started fast as usual, this race was more aggressive than the previous weeks with more people attacking and breaks forming and then going back to the bunch.Will was briefly involved in a breakaway with a Cambridge CC rider and a High Wycombe CC rider, although this was quickly brought back. With 5 laps to go Will was placed in the top 20 of the race and looking good for the sprint. With one lap to go the speed quickly dropped and the bunch grouped together making it hard to get to the front. During the final bends and the final corner Will maintained position and came 8th in the 3rd category. With one more Imperial race Will is going to race he is hoping for another top ten position.

Time - 1:09:26
Average Speed -25.5
Distance - 29.5

High Wycombe CC Flat Reliability Ride 2nd February

Will rode this event, with a 50 mile route around Watlington and Benson. It turned out to be a lovely ride with Will riding with the Hillingdon CC and Under-23 squad. Will finished the ride in 2 hours and 46 minutes, with him moving from the medium group towards to the faster group.

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