Wednesday, 31 December 2014

In Search Of - The Best Bike Ride, Bicycle, Food & Coffee

I can't say I am in search of a life less ordinary, by that I mean: The way I live is very simple, I do what I enjoy and I like to share my knowledge with others. I am also very grateful for what I have; good friends, family, health and a job/business I love.

But I also have a love for travel and to explore faraway places. A two week holiday does not do it for me, as I like to feel free and to get a feel for somewhere new and totally different.

So early in 2015 I will be packing by backpack with my 18 year old daughter (A great opportunity) and heading to MEXICO , GUATEMALA & COLOMBIA Returning May 2015
The Plan is we have no plan! Other than we will have more time than money. While travelling we will be in search of the best bike rides, the best frame builders and of course the best food. We also love to cook the healthiest and tastiest food. We have friends in Latin America, who are like family where we can stay, live their life for a while and share good times.

Mechanic Wanted:
I have been looking for a Professional Mechanic to help with the high demand of repairs in the High Wycombe area, but so far has been proving difficult to fine the right person. please email me

If anyone is looking at starting a mobile bike business elsewhere in the UK. We have created the largest network of professional mobile bicycle mechanics. Cycle Tech UK. For more information see HERE and you can read our business news on Cycle Tech's Hub HERE

For those interested in travel. Can view my Blog HERE and the best cycling of my recent Road Trip/Cycling in Spain, France & Italy can be viewed HERE

Thank you for all your custom and support over the last 7 years, which has helped me build my business and in return I feel I have helped more people back in to cycling. Also my good friends for their support Darren, Dave & Juan!

To celebrate 7 years of Cycle Tech we have uploaded photos to our Instagram page

Happy Cycling 2015 Martin Cycle Tech

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