Sunday, 17 December 2017

Trail Ride Tools

Out on the trails and your chain snaps!

This is not the time to ask yourself "when was my bike last serviced or when did I last replace my chain and was it at the correct interval?" (Before every 2,000 miles or less if you are riding off road and have an 11 x 1 or 10 x 1 system)

Could be rider error, by not using the gears correctly and or riding with worn parts. This knowledge will come the more you ride.
The chain will normally break if is worn and you are trying to get that lower gear on the back while pedaling uphill.

It's the time that you have a few tools and a chain quick link with you.

Trail ride tool roll

Trail ride tools and spares
Will depend on your bike
  • Chain pin tool
  • Hex keys
  • Tyre levers
  • Tube
  • Mini pump
  • Quick link
  • Tool roll to fit in your camelbak or strapped to your bike somewhere safely

Video - 14 yer old riding blue run at Swinley Forest Bike Park

A little worried Juliana, but we soon got her back riding

A day at Swinley Forest riding Orange P7 

Cleaning your bike after your ride:

If you can carry water, bucket and a brush in your car or better still you have a van. Its a  good idea to give your bike a wash down. 

Those looking for off road trails, all levels. View/join our Facebook Trail Ride Page or see our Blog Post

Video - Trail ride with a blow out

Happy Cycling Martin 

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