MOT - Safety Of Pedal Bicycles

If it’s that time of year when many of us are retrieving our bikes from the garage or shed, and realising that they’re going to need some attention before being ridden again. Where a long winter of neglect, cold weather and damp conditions has played havoc with the cables, the tyres & the chain. There is signs of rust & there’s a curious clicking noise when you turn the cranks.
Then it's time to arrange a Bicycle MOT for your prize steed.

Cycle Tech UK has a MOT Safety Check just for bicycles.
The charge for an "MOT" is only £25.00*
This can be carried out at your home or in our workshop while you wait by a qualified Cycle Technician who will also advice any recommendations or any safety issues.

A bicycle safety inspection "MOT" is not a substitute for a service. If the inspected cycle requires further professional attention. an estimate will also be included in the "MOT"

Not only will you know if your bicycle or a family members bicycle is safe to use on the public roads. But also if your bicycle is economically worth repairing and not better off replacing with a new bike, saving you time and money.
Cycle Tech UK Ltd can repair & fix any bicycle by replacing worn or corroded parts, but sometimes is better to replace the complete bicycle. Our technicians will talk you through the best advice and options available on those worn out bikes. Or you may even be attached to your bike or you have a classic that is worth repairing, as Cycle Tech UK Ltd also does not like to throw bikes away and we can restore back to original condition for you.

*If after the Bicycle MOT your bike requires a service or any repair work. And work is then carried out by the Cycle Tech UK mechanic on the same day, then the MOT will be free of charge.

Please view some of our bike builds HERE

To book a Bicycle MOT please call 07739614579 or email

You can view MOT - Safety Check List Of Pedal Bicycles below

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