Regular Cleaning

Modern bicycle parts are made lighter, have better performance, but have a shorter life. To prolong the life of these parts there are some simple steps you should take.

Regular cleaning:

Cycle Tech does not recommend using a pressure washer to clean your bike or washing up liquid as it contains salt that is corrosive and abrasive.  The pressure washer will force water into areas of the bike that it wouldn't normally find it’s way into eg: cable housing, frame structure, hubs, bottom bracket, headset, washing out all the vital oils and greases.  You should use a bike wash like MUC-OFF which can be sprayed on the bike and mixed with hot water in a bucket, and using a brush to wash of mud and dirt. Degreaser may be used on chain and sprockets with a small brush. Use clean water in a watering can to rinse off, all parts should be dried off before lubricating.  Note: Should take care with disc brakes, to avoid oils & grease on disc & pads as this will contaminate the pads and course loss of braking. These parts can be cleaned with specific disc brake cleaners.

Adverse Riding conditions: 

Your bike should be striped, cleaned and regressed after use in mud and water.  If left to stand in a garage till your next ride, you will find parts will seize, won’t work properly and have to be replaced.

Regular Maintenance: 

Cleaning your bike regularly and after adverse riding conditions will allow for close inspection.

Note: Not all parts can be striped down, as they are a sealed unit. But they can be removed, cleaned, inspected and refitted with a smear of grease. This will help to keep things running smoothly and keep water out of these parts. Any excusive grease and oils should be wiped off after refitting to avoid dirt sticking to this area.

This bottom bracket bearing and cup need to be replaced. Where there should be grease, was full of dirty water! 

This Headset bearing should be cleaned and re greased. Stripping down will allow for inspection of worn parts and seals.

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