Shimano Spare Parts

Cycle Tech UK supply Shimano parts. With trained staff that will be able to service your bicycle to a professional high standard. From a mobile workshop, using the very best tools, Shimano parts, Shimano lubricants and for the very best advice on anything to do with bicycles.

Shimano spare parts for:

Freehub bodys 
Ball bearings

Shimano Workshop Lubricants

We use Shimano lubricants on your bicycle(s) as we do on our own

Increase your bike's performance with Shimano's PTFE Dry lube. PTFE suspended in the lube is used to reduce friction and therefore mechanical wear. Penetrates into hard-to-reach places giving maximum performance protection. Ideally suited for use on chains, derailleurs, shifter and brake pivots.

Shimano Anti-Seize assembly paste is just as important as grease and lube for keeping your bike running smoothly and maintenance free Anti-seize should be applied to bottom bracket threads, seatpins, bolts and nuts to prevent immovable and rusted joints Use on threads to help you assemble parts. Formula will not affect metal or rubber parts. Jar comes complete with brush for easy application on a wide range of threads Carries on working effectively up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. An application of Shimano Anti-seize will help prevent destroying or distorting threads

Dura-Ace grease is the same specification used as standard in the best quality Shimano bearings. Specifically formulated to keep Dura-Ace components running smoothly and increase their life. Keeps parts rust and corrosion free. Acts as a barrier to prevent water from reaching bearings

Shimano Special grease for pawl-type Freehub bodies, to make your freehub run smoothly and reduce wear, keeping parts rust and corrosion free

Indexing Gears

Hollow Tech 2 Bottom Brackets

Disc Brake Pad Replacement

Cycle Tech's aim is to service/repair your bicycle to a high standard and with your bicycle being of the road for a minimum time. (Fast repairs) Using original Shimano parts & accessories.

Cycle Tech's mobile bike shop

Shimano parts from the mobile bike shop

View the full range at MADISON The official distributor for Shimano to the bicycle trade.  

Shimano Spare Parts
 Supplied from Cycle Tech

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